Make your Wellness a Ritual with


 60 min: $99 

90 min: $155

[+$5 for prenatal]

the deets...

$0  enrollment fee

Unused credits rollover to the next month

Exclusive member wellness workshops

10% off retail & sound baths

3 month commitment

share unused credits with a friend

You can sign up for a membership in studio or by emailing us using the link below.

Membership terms: by purchasing the membership, you are agreeing to be automatically charged the member rate of $99 or $155 every month. A 3-month commitment is required, then you’re billed month-to-month and can cancel at any time. You are guaranteed one member session each month. Any additional sessions will be charged at the member rate of $99 or $155 per session. Any unused monthly credits roll over to the next month. Gift your monthly massage or unused credits to a friend. (once per friend) Upon cancellation you will have 60 days to use any remaining credits.



[custom massage]


pain relief, muscle recovery, restoration, alignment, relaxation, well-being, circulation


60 min: $115 / 90 min: $170

3 Pack:  $315 / $480

5 Pack: $515 / $790

10 Pack: $1000 / $1550

julie hands belly.jpg

prenatal + postnatal massage


improve sleep, low back + neck pain, fatigue, leg cramps, swelling 

60 min: $120 / 90 min: $175

3 Pack:  $330 / $495

5 Pack: $540 / $815

10 Pack: $1050 / $1600


manual lymphatic drainage


recover from surgery, decrease swelling, improve immune function, balance hormones

60 min: $120 / 90 min: $175

3 Pack:  $330 / $495

5 Pack: $540 / $815

10 Pack: $1050 / $1600


Session Enhancements


LEEF ORGANICS CBD + Botanicals +$25

Soothe anxiety, reduce pain, + calm inflammation with LEEF ORGANICS CBD Massage Oil + Revive CBD Balm.

CBD combined with like-minded botanicals such as: calendula, grapeseed oil, cacao butter, lavender, and peony.


Cupping + Gua Sha 


Cupping + Gua Sha are an ancient form of alternative medicine used to move energy, treat chronic pain + tension, and break down scar tissue. 


VITRUVI Essential Oil Blends


Ceremony: Earthy + Smoky. Blended with Palo Santo, Clary Sage, and Cedarwood 


Sleep: Soothing + Powdery. Blended with Lavender, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, and Vetiver 

and Vetiver 


Dusk: herbal + warm. Blended with Ho Wood, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and Lavender 


Boost: Juicy + Light. Blended with Bergamot, Grapefruit, Juniper, and Lime