WTF is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

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Lymphatic drainage massage seems to be the newest craze in wellness. I have been practicing it for years and have recently had a flood of people come into my office because they saw lymphatic drainage on Instagram. (And we should do everything we see on the gram.) So, let’s talk a little bit about what lymphatic drainage is and isn’t and when you should consider getting it. Lymphatic Drainage Massage bypasses the muscular system and hones in on the lymphatic system. The session encourages lymphatic flow and is ideal for edema, detoxing, post-cosmetic procedures, post-operative procedures, hormone balance, immunity boosting, auto-immune disorders & overall wellness. The session is performed a tee bit differently than a typical massage session— if you like deep tissue massage, this session may not be for you. While the session can be super relaxing, we are moving fluid- not releasing muscles. You have lymph nodes bunched in your neck, underarms, groin and behind your knees. Pretty much anywhere you have creases, we will be working. :) To get the best results for the session we often recommend my clients dry brush daily, eliminate inflammatory foods, stress, and engage in rebounding (AKA jumping on a trampoline. Random AF.)  Your lymph vessels are "one-way valves" and waste can only flow one way. Our bodies are pretty effing amazing, huh?

Although lymphatic drainage can be extremely beneficial for many reasons, it is not a quick fix. I like to compare it to going for a run, once.  It is also not to be confused with "lipossage", a treatment for fat reduction/cellulite, which we do not offer.

I recommend at least one session weekly for 4 weeks for best results, combined with lifestyle & diet changes.