YOGA BUTT & how I became a Sports Massage Therapist

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

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Please Note - If you are only reading this in hopes to see some yoga butt, yoga butt is a very common injury that happens to yoga practitioners.

On a cool spring day in 2011, I rolled up to my first hot yoga class—and I had never been more enamored with anything in my life. A perfect way to combine my love for fitness & love for personal growth. Every workout I had done up until this point in my life was to look better and all I wanted to do was feel better. My hot vinyasa yoga classes and I would live happily ever after...

ENTER: yoga butt.

At some point in 2014, about a year after I began teaching vinyasa yoga, I was in a power yoga class trying to rekindle an old flame from high school, showing off my hawt yoga skills in a bound triangle pose when pop... YOGA BUTT happened and I couldn't walk out of the studio. Yoga butt is a very common injury that happens to vinyasa yoga practitioners. I was out of practicing, hobbling around, and desperately trying to find answers about how I could rehab this injury and get back on my mat.

At the time, I was teaching at three different yoga studios--so the amount of yoga teachers I had spoken with about my injury was lengthy. Not one vinyasa yoga teacher was educated about this injury. Within a few months, I had developed sciatica, SI joint dysfunction, lower back & neck pain. I had seen multiple massage therapists and all I got was a lightly oiled rub-down for $100 an hour. I had seen chiropractors & physical therapists and no one could help me or explain to me why I wasn't getting better. The answer was simple--I was MOVING incorrectly and therefore aggravating my condition. I was never going to fully heal my injury and spinal imbalances that resulted from it without changing my movement patterns.


Throughout sun salutations and warrior poses the amount of flexion (forward bending) and extension (backward bending) are extremely unbalanced. The excessive forward bending creates micro-tears in the hamstrings which over time can lead to a hamstring pull at the attachment, under butt (my personal favorite) or ischial tuberosity--if we are getting technical. On top of that, I had an anterior pelvic tilt which was further exaggerated by all the forward bending, tight hip flexors, a gazillion chaturangas, glute amnesia, and lack of core strength that a strong vinyasa practice creates. The hamstring pull then created a rotation through my pelvis which then affected how the spine moved as a system—resulting in lower back AND neck pain. I wasn’t going to feel better by just stretching my hamstring— I had to stabilize my entire pelvis.

In 2014, I enrolled in a Massage Therapy Program that specialized in Therapeutic & Orthopedic Massage and learned quickly why I wasn’t getting better. I rehabbed my injuries myself and have been pain free ever since. Since then, I have felt passionately about educating my clients on anatomy in order to work WITH you and not on you. I have studied with some of the most highly trained Massage Therapists, Movement Specialists, Yoga & Pilates Teachers, Sports Chiropractors, Pelvic PT's—and have taken an unhealthy amount of continuing education classes on movement & anatomy. I’ve chosen to focus my practice on a combination of movement and manual release—looking at the body as a system because, that sh*t works. I gather as much information as I can from my clients (some may be annoyed and think its too much information.  Well, tough sh*t, I do WHAT WORKS.) to find the bodily dysfunction that ultimately leads to pain--to get you feeling f*cking amazing in your body.