Getting The Most From Your Next Massage

‘Tis the season for gratitude, celebration, and typically a whole lotta stress. There’s something about putting yourself out there that tends to take away from the harmony within. You come in for a massage, and within days, your dogs are barkin’ again. Your body is once again a chronic condition. What happened?

You can get a massage all you want, but without proper alignment, your body will soon start to feel like a ghost of your former self. Here are some of our top tips for getting the most out of your session.


Note…. We don’t mean “stretching,” we mean yoga. Common wisdom tells us to stretch any time we feel tight, but that’s only a part of the solution.

Think of your upper back like a rubber band that gets stretched out constantly, until it’s completely lost its elasticity. Is stretching really going to fix an overstretched muscle?

Yoga works because it adds strengthening to the feel-good stretch positions you may seek. It actually uses the muscles, keeping them healthy.


We highly recommend hitting the fitness class of your choosing, and keeping those muscles from getting stale. If time is a factor, all it takes is a few moments throughout the day to activate the muscles, and keep them strong. The posterior muscles are often your ticket to better alignment. Glutes, calves, and rhomboids are all going to keep you upright and aligned.

Massage on an actual schedule

We’re pretty biased, but we think massage is still the easiest way to take care of yourself. The muscles keep your alignment in place, and a consistent massage practice keeps your muscles ready for life’s work. Getting work done after you’re in pain is like drinking water after you feel dehydrated. It’s a process, and you’ll be amazed how you feel when you commit to a schedule!

Try these out next time you get a massage, and you can maintain those benefits for much longer!